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Our Mission

Restoration61 is built on a foundation of prayer and is dedicated to the abolition of sex slavery through education, intervention and holistic restoration for those who have been sex-trafficked.

Our Story

Restoration61 was birthed out of the promise of Isaiah 61, declaring freedom and restoration to those held captive. The hearts of founders Paul and Kara Doan, were deeply moved as they learned of the plight of millions of women, and children who are sold in the sex industry annually. Their hearts grew more

burdened with the realization of so little help for such a large number of victims. As they researched this growing criminal enterprise they discovered very few programs believe in and provide holistic restoration. With a combination of practical ministry, prayer and counseling we believe that God can release, redeem and restore victims of sex-slavery to complete wholeness.

What Restoration61 does:

  • Emergency Housing/Rescue/Care
  • Provides Awareness and Education
  • Acts in Intervention
  • Provides Restorative Services

How You Can Help

Find out what you can do to help stop sex trafficking in your area.

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Terry Rafferty



Paul Doan


President, CEO, Co-founder

Kara Doan


Secretary, Co-founder

Stacey Brown



Jeremiah Stingl